About Our Psychic Readers

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Monday and Wednesday--Jay offers both astrology and tarot readings.    Jay is a very dedicated astrologer who takes his art seriously.   He has spent the past 10 years studying the work of master astrologers and continually studies to enhance his craft.   Jay's birth chart readings offer true understanding as to your purpose in life, reasons why you behave the way you do and reasons for some of the challenges you have faced.  

Tuesday and Thursday--Michael offers tarot readings and mediumship.    Michael has been studying tarot for over 40 years.   His knowledge of the cards is extensive.  He has studied at the highly esteemed ArthurFindlay College of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences in England as well as with such famous mediums such as Janet Nohavek and John Edwards.

Friday--Peggy is a clairvoyant.  Her readings include information that is given to her by your angels and spirit guides for your highest and best interests.   Peggy is on-point with the invormation she provides you.  She is high-energy, fun and caring.  

Saturday 10 am - 2pm   Susan uses her clairvoyant talents and her knowledge of astrology to offer her own brand of unique, accurate and thoughful, kindhearted readings.   Susan is an astrologer, tarot reader and clairvoyant.   Her readings encompass a little bit of all three skills.  Every one of Susan's clients leaves with a hand written paper of "assignments" given to them to help them with problems they may be experiencing.

Saturday 2-5 pm    Tammy connects to spirit to offer straighforward Tarot readings.   She knows what's what.   Tammy will tell you like it is to give you the most information possible from the cards.   Tammy is sensitive and knowing.  

Sunday--Lydia offers Angel readings.   Lydia is a certified angel card reader who uses the cards to translate the language of angels into one we humans can understand.   Lydia is tuned into your angels as well as receiving messages from her own for you.  Her readings are insightful, gentle and compassionate.  

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By Appointment--Lee is a certified facilitator of "The Work of Byron Katie"   While not a psychic reading, the Work helps you to identify where your mind is holding you hostage to negative thoughts and helps you to let go of those thoughts.   Call (941) 366-6325 to book an appointment with Lee.