Downtown Parking

Parking in Downtown Sarasota can sometimes be a challenge.  Helpful tip:  Parking garages are free for at least two hours.   Street parking reqires immediate payment with only 10 minutes of free time.   While there is street parking available, there are several downtown parking garages in which finding a space is easier.   The State Street garage is the closest to our store, but all are only two to three blocks away from our location.   Parking lot locations downtown are:  


State Street Garage  

1538 State Street

State Street Garage
The State Street Parking garage provides over 400 parking spaces for the downtown core shopping, dining and business. Handicap parking is locatednext to the elevators on each parking level. Parking spaces are located on levels 2 through 6, with motorcycle and bicycle parking on the ground floor. There are four (4) electric vehicle charging stations located on level 2.   Free for the first 2 hours.



The Palm Avenue Garage

1289 North Palm Ave

Parking Operations

Garage parking is available at the award-winning Palm Avenue Garage, which is located one block from Main Street on North Palm Avenue, only steps away from 5 points intersection in downtown. The garage will park 729 vehicles, and has handicap parking located each floor close to the elevators. The Palm Avenue parking garage is a perfect location to park for short or long term stays in downtown. There are four (4) electric vehicle charging stations located on level 1.   Free for the first two hours.




The 2nd Street Garage at Whole Foods

wf_20garage_20second_20street1400 Block of 2nd Street

The 2nd Street Garage is located between First and Second Street, directly across from Whole Foods. Ground floor parking is intended for customers of Whole Foods, while the second and third level of the garage are open to the public (except where posted). The public parking access ramp is located on Second Street, near the corner of Central Ave.

There are time restrictions in the facility which the City Parking Division monitors and issues citation for time violations. The time restrictions are as follows:

  • Ground Level: 2 Hours 
  • Level 2-3: 4 hours