Om White Tea and Thyme Scent Luxury Candle White

  • $34.99

  • Each candle is hand poured in small batches, using our natural US grown, eco-friendly soy blend wax. Lead-free, cotton wicks provide a high quality, clean and soot free burning experience. The black glass candle is 9.0-Ounce with an approximate burn time 80 hours.
  • White Tea Thyme is a bold and refreshing blend of citrus and white florals. Clean with a spa like aroma. Our candles are known for their superior ability to fill a room with a wonderful aroma in minutes with the finest fragrances available. White Tea Thyme helps create feelings of serenity and focus and at the same time uplifting which helps alleviate stress and aids in relaxation.
  • SPIRITUAL DESIGN: Om is a sacred symbol known as the sound of universe. The ultimate mantra representing human consciousness and an expression of spiritual perfection and fulfillment. Meditating with Om helps harmonize your chakras and attune with the cosmic universal vibration. Re-purpose the glass after use to continue to enjoy its beauty.