Unconditional Surrender (Sailor and Nurse kiss)

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You’ve probably seen the famous photo “V-J Day in Times Square” by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt, starring the electrified man kissing a woman in New York City’s Times Square on the day the end of World War II was announced.

The kiss was spontaneous, and lucky to be captured by Eisenstaedt, but as the commotion in Times Square carried on, he separated from his subjects and never captured their names.  

The embrace has been reprinted countless times, and replicated in three-dimensional form by a sculptor (though of a slightly different angle, from a photo taken by a different photographer, not the famous image captured by Eisenstaedt).

Over the years, the larger-than-life sculptures have live in Normandy, France, San Diego, California, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Hamilton, New Jersey, New York City, San Diego, California and Sarasota, Florida.