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Lydia--Angel Card Readings

Lydia is an Angel Intuitive who connects with the angelic realm to provide guidance and perspective on life’s challenges and questions. She serves as a bridge from the daily grind of responsibility and stresses to relief and wisdom with your Angels and Guides.

Lydia is a Certified Angel Intuitive and Advanced Certified Angel Card Readeräby Doreen Virtue. She is also a Licensed Coach with the Institute of HeartMathâ and a Certified Practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry from the Corporation for Positive Change.

Tammy--Intuitive Tarot

Tammy is an intuitive tarot reader.   Her connection to spirit guides her to give you messages for your highest and best.  Tammy's readings are no-nonsense and honest.   Tammy give readings in person at Pixie Dust on Saturday afternoons and occasional Sundays.  She is happy to do telephone readings by appointment.

Susan--Clairvoyant, Astrology

Susan offers a unique reading.   She begins with a bit of astrology (she studied with famed astrologer, Isabel Hickey) and then her clairvoyant skills open up and give her messages and guidance from your guides.   All of Susan's clients leave with a handwritten note from Susan about items that came up in the reading.  Susan has been reading at Pixie Dust since our small, humble beginning in 2012.   Since that time, her clientele have always returned for more of her guidance and loving energy.   

Peggy--Clairvoyant, Angel Readings, Palm Reading

Peggy is clairvoyant.  In a reading she touches your hands and "feels" the beauty of your soul's energy and your guardian angels.  She relays messages to you that your angels want you to know.  Peggy is energetic and upbeat.   Her readings are fun and touching at the same time.

Peggy is originally a Jersey girl who now splits her time between Florida and Connecticut.   She reads in person at Pixie Dust on Fridays from October to July.  We are happy to arrange telephone readings for her when she's gone North.

Michael--Tarot Card Readings, Medium, Lenormand Oracle card readings

Michael began his study of Tarot Cards more than 45 years ago.   Since that time, he has mastered the art of reading tarot as well as developing his skills in mediumship, reading the Lenormand oracle and more.   

Michael attended the Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences in Stansted England.  He is a member of The Tarot Association, an international organization of professional readers. He also attends The Reader’s Studio in New York. Both organizations provide his code of ethics.   Michael’s goal is to gently guide you through probabilities, and possibilities, giving you the tools to take control of your life.   

Jay--Astrology and Tarot

Jay is a serious student of astrology.  His level of knowledge, the mathmatics involved in astrology, as well as his intuitive ablilities give you a birth chart reading that will show you many things about yourself.  It will reinforce your strengths, address your weaknesses and give you a direction for growthi and transformation.  It is recommended to spend at least 1/2 hour for an astrology reading.    Jay also offers 15 minute tarot readings that are in depth and also throw in a little bit of astrology as well.    Jay is personally at the store on Monday and Wednesday and welcomes telephone and skype appointments any day.